Reloading Dies  by Viersco Mfg  USA

Below are two videos of shooting the 375 Snipetac rifle at a steel target, 535 yards.
   Part one  Part two

The video captured the bullet track on the way to the target, you can hear the steel slap
from impacts.  I fired 3 shots, but only two of them are shown during the movie.  Second
part is the drive out to the target and evidence of the bullet strikes.
The bullet is the 350 grain Predator solid brass projectile, 3150fps

Recoil video of a 375 Snipetac rifle shooting 350gn Sierra match kings
at 3200 fps.  Accuracy was 1/4 moa, (Rifle pictured above)
Aloha from Hawaii

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Part 1  Part 2

375 VM tests from customer in Norway.   Scope sight in  and steel penetration tests.
Steel plates, 1" and 2" thick. 


Check back for more videos upcoming!
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