Black Diamond Rifles by Viersco Mfg  USA
Feb 22, 2012
Shipment of RL-50 powder for testing

Update:  Feb 19, 2012

Removed 42" barrel, shortened to 38"  (Installed muzzle brake)
H-BMG 50 Powder
350gn  HP Cutting Edge Bullet  3450fps .5 moa accuracy on 535yd test.  Reduced load from earlier tests.

Brass is very strong, ran some test loads past max with no primer pocket issues.  have more than 10 loadings
on 18 pieces of brass.  Annealed necks every second loading

Feb 18, 2012

Recieved shipment of 4 types of Cutting Edge bullets.
350gn HP
352gn match
375gn HP
377gn match

UPDATE: Feb. 7, 2012

Installed new test barrel, Lilja 10" twist 42" long (no muzzle brake) rifle 22.5#
H-BMG 50 powder
375 grain cutting edge bullet
3497 fps
10,181 foot pounds
100yd zero.... add 13.5 moa for 1000yd shot
same powder charge as tested with 33.5" barrel
This barrel is a bit tighter and thus developed a bit more pressure.

Test #2
V V 20n29
375gn bullet
Vel. dropped to 3300fps
Powder to slow for this bullet weight
I will be shortening the barrel by 2" increments to see where the optimum barrel length falls for
this case design. All results will be posted here.

UPDATE: Feb. 5, 2012

33.5" barrel test

375gn Cutting Edge bullet
H-BMG 50 powder
3300 fps
9100 Foot pounds at the muzzle
10 twist barrel 33.5" long
3000 yds super sonic possible

350gn Predator solid
3450 fps
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