Black Diamond Rifles by Viersco Mfg  USA
The 375 SnipeTac is a larger version of the popular 338 SnipeTac case.  It has more powder capacity than the 338 version as we pushed the shoulder forward.  It has more energy and distance capability than the 408 CheyTac rifle.  The 350gn
Sierra Match King will push over 8000# of muzzle energy, this is a very hard hitting long range rifle.  It is available in single shot or repeater rifles.  It is based from the 408 Cheytac case, necked down and improved shoulder design.

Due to the large size case this rifle needs special components to build, custom actions, larger diameter barrels and stocks to handle the larger materials.  These rifles cannot be built under11# safely, average rifle will weigh 12-14# depending on
barrel size and length.  Lighter rifles can be achived by using Titainum and Aluminum where ever possible.  Carbon Fiber
barrels will reduce overall weight but adds greatly to the cost.  I have built a repeater that was 10# using the above weight
reducing materials.

We custom design to your specifications, base price is $4200.00 for a single shot, $4995.00 for a repeater.  From here we can add the extra items to build your dream rifle.  There are many options that we can build on.
  Barrel Fluting
  Special custom barrels, special twists, extra long barrels
  Barrel coatings, internal and external
  Stock options, adjustable cheek, adjustable Length of pull, sling swivels
  Paint options, camo patterns, colors, paint scopes and mounts to match
  Custom actions
  Weight reducing materials

375 Snipetac "Repeater version"
    Viersco custom action
    Diamond fluted bolt
    Manners T2 carbon fiber stock

375 Snipetac single shot
Manners T4-A with adjustable butt spacer system
Lawton 8000 action
32" Lilja 10 twist barrel
Shark Bite muzzle brake
Desert Digital camo paint


375 Snipetac with detachable magazine
Custom sleved action
Long tactical bolt handle
40" lilja 10 twist stainless barrel with shark bite muzzle brake
Manners carbon fiber stock, BMG thumbhole with adjustable stock
Painted in "night hawk" camo


375 Snipetac single shot hunter
Viersco custom action
lilja 10 twist barrel, 32"  with shark bite muzzle brake
McMillan A5 stock, adjustable cheek & spacer system
Painted in "digital desert" camo


375 Snipetac,  Lawton 8000 repeater action
Lilja 10 twist barrel, with 4 port shark bite muzzle brake
McMillan A5 stock with adj cheek and spacer system
Viersco bottom metal with 5 round magazine
Finished in desert digital

375 Snipetac, Stiller repeating action
ABS carbon fiber barrel 32" with shark bite muzzle brake  10 twist
Viersco bottom metal, 5 round magazine
Manners T5 carbon fiber stock
Finished in "High Country Sage Brush"  7 colors
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