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338 SnipeTac History

 Back in 2002 after working with the 408 Cheytac rifle I had the idea to wildcat this huge case, but what caliber was best suited for long range hunting and supreme acuracy?  The 375 cal crossed my mind but lack of a high BC bullet pushed it aside.  There is a very good 338 cal bullet available, 300gn Sierra Match King, but would there be too much powder for such a small bore size?  After measuring case capacity vs bore size I decided to draw up a new case design, 338-408 Improved.  The first design has a 30 degree shoulder and most of the original body taper removed from the 408 cheytac case.  Testing proved that it would work but I did not like the extraction on the upper loads.  The 2nd design, 338 SnipeTac, was born by adding back some of the body taper, now the extraction was excellent and also would be a better feeding round in a repeater rifle version.
  I ran velocities up into the 3500fps range using the 300 SMK bullet, this proved to be too hot for normal shooting but showed what was capable with this case.  Best loads are kept in the 3300fps area for good case life and ultimate acuracy.  Sub 1/2 MOA was achieved with the test rifle in excess of 1000yds.
  With the latest new high BC bullets, .900 and above this rifle is capable of 3000yd shots.

338 SnipeTac Single Shot Hunter
ABS Carbon Fiber Barrel
Viersco Custom Stainless Action
100% Carbon Fiber Stock
Titainum Muzzle Brake
Custom Art Work "Elk" on buttstock

Lightweight 338 SnipeTac repeater
ABS Carbon Fiber Barrel
Titainum Muzzle Brake
Viersco Custom Repeater Action
100% Carbon Fiber Stock

338 Snipetac Thumbhole Repeater
ABS Carbon fiber barrel  30"
Stiller TAC 408 action
Viersco modified bottom metal and 3 shot magazine
Shark Bite muzzle brake
Manners T5 carbon stock, coyote tan with black spider webbing
11 3/4#

338 Snipetac
McMillan A5 stock
32" carbon fiber barrel
Stiller 1.450" repeater action
Viersco bottom metal
Shark Bite muzzle brake
Night Hawk digital camo

Russo laminated stock with adjustable cheek piece " Silver Diamond" rifle

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