Black Diamond Rifles by Viersco Mfg  USA
Welcome to Black Diamond Rifles, we speak long range hunting and shooting.  Custom built to your specifications, the truly "one of a kind" rifle.

We deal in any type of custom bolt action type rifles. We can custom design to fit your
needs.  Be it general hunting, long range shooting, tactical or varmint shooting.  Light weight carry rifles up to the extreme heavy bench guns.  No caliber is too small or too big, from the small .17 caliber up to the giant 50 BMG machine gun round.

We custom make reloading dies for certain calibers, mostly our own wildcat cartridges.
These match your chamber for the ultimate possible accuracy in reloading.

We carry 408 and 375 Cheytac brass in stock most of the time.  We also form brass for
our 338 and 375 SnipeTac line of wildcat rifles.

Thanks for looking at my products~
David Viers
News Update!  Check out the new Videos posted on the 375 VM page!

"375 Viersco Mag" This brings long range shooting to a new level.
Bigger case capacity and still uses standard loading componets.
Check out the 375 VM page for more details.

See the new "XLR Industries" aluminum modular stocks, I am offering
them for any of my rifle builds.  Lightweight alternative to carbon fiber.
Fully adjustable and a folding option is available.

Check out the new "Custom Reloading Die Page" we are offering a wider range of reloading dies.

For quick contact email   I will get back to you as soon as possible.
I am extremely busy and getting to the phone can be difficult, so use email if possible or leave a message.

Prarrie Dog hunting around Gillette Wyoming
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